Ideal for small publishers looking to combine specialist content with a powerful user experience on mobile, to energise niche or professional audiences.

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Perfect for larger publishers with several titles, sharing a common content pool, delivered to diverse audiences seeking engaging content experiences.

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Essential for publishers that need a mobile publishing solution, where having access to the source code is critical for legacy system integration.

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Deliver engaging content the way your readers want it on mobile

Give your readers the App experience they deserve when you deliver your latest magazine or newspaper issues using Reactive Apps. Available for you on iOS and Android, we build and launch the Apps for you so you can focus on creating great content.

Available on iOS

Available on Android

3 dynamic layouts to optimise the reading experience

Articles can be presented in one, two or three uniquely designed and interactive layouts. Your readers can choose to switch seemlessly between the layouts, which can show articles at-a-glance, in full or using multimedia content.

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Send highly-targetted notifications to engage your audiences

Use Notifications to inform your readers when a new issue is released, breaking news is available, to highlight a featured article or website, and to highlight a paid advertorial. Target your readers by device or their location to create tailored campaigns.

Send alerts by country, region or city

Target iOS & Android apps separately

Send personalised notifications

Direct readers to websites or articles

Enable articles to be shared on major social networks

Your readers love to share articles they enjoy and their friends want a convenient way to access that content, so we've integrated to inteligently redirect users to shared articles on the right platform and encourage more installs of your apps.

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Integrate YouTube videos and other social media content in your articles

Video from YouTube and Vimeo can be used to enrich your articles and also enables you to pull together your content from different social media platforms. Your readers can choose to activate or deactive video auto-play when entering an article with a video.





Individualise your apps with your own content structure & corporate identity

As a publisher, you have complete control over the structure of your content and which sections you choose for your articles. Sections can have their own distinctive colour schemes and themed teasers, which can all be controlled from your Reactive Dashboard.

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Learn how magazine publishers are able to grow and engage with readers using the Reactive digital publishing solution

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