Adapt now. ‘Effective Frequency’ is a term borrowed from the advertising world; it basically describes the number of times a person must be exposed to a message before it sinks in. Before there is belief in the message being delivered. Adapt now. Many up us from non-marketing, non-advertising backgrounds will resonate with their own versions of the same. Driving a change agenda in an MNC for example, it will take significant repetition for everyone to get on board with the message. Adapt now.

Borrowing from Thomas Smith’s book “Successful Advertising” (from 1885!) he makes the following witty description on ‘effective frequency’ – but it works just the same for any message you are trying to deliver:

  • The 1st time people look at it, they don’t see it.
  • The 2nd time, they don’t notice it.
  • The 3rd time, they are aware that it is there.
  • The 4th time, they have a fleeting sense that they’ve seen it before.
  • The 5th time, they actually read it.
  • The 6th-8th times, they show differing levels of frustration.
  • The 9th-13th times, their wonder builds.
  • The 14th-19th times, they want the product – they need the product.
  • The 20th time they buy!

Replace 14th – 19th with “their understanding grows” and the 20th with the eureka moment of understanding and you get how this message will get digested in the real world. Adapt now.

Please excuse this long winding path I weave – there is a point. And the message is simple; take your time to read the following a few times:

From the end of 2016, with Mobile being responsible for the vast majority of interactions with the internet (>65% of all content consumed – and much higher for personal consumption!), Google is poised to change the way they are indexing their search algorithms. Adapt now. This means:


1. If your site is not responsive / dynamic (content adapted to whether desktop or mobile automatically) then you need to ADAPT NOW

2. Broken Mobile sites will drag down a fully functional desktop site. Better take the mobile site offline and finish the task than having something broken. Adapt now.



Whilst on the subject of search – App Store and Google Play both allow for ‘ASO’ – App Store Optimization. As discussed in my earlier blog post, it’s not a case of ‘which’ you should have, Mobile or App, in most instances there is a significant case for both. Consider with Apps the more immersive experience that you can create for your user – take advantages of geo-fencing and device specific features (camera, mic, contacts etc) – and Push Notifications. You will in most instances drive users to your wonderfully immersive App – via your mobile web platform. Adapt now.

You got it.

If you are a publisher who has questions on anything in the digital publishing space, we are happy to speak with you. It’s a complex world out there, and competing solutions offer different experiences. If you want to be Responsive, Interactive and Integrated with the latest and greatest tools for publishers then drop your details to us.